How much JAIL TIME will struggling Americans get for not buying OBAMACARE?

Health Care - Published on Monday, November 8th, 2010 at 10:43 pm
by wstera2

Question by Ted Kennedy’s Car: How much JAIL TIME will struggling Americans get for not buying OBAMACARE?
Since it will be a FEDERAL OFFENSE not to buy OBAMACARE

how much jail time will you get if you can’t afford it ?

Also, will IRS agents be posted at every hospital to ensure compliance?

OR will doctors be forced to report the uninsured directly to the IRS and local police?

Isn’t Obama’s America GRAND ?

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Answer by Wake Up and Stand Up

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21 Comments to “How much JAIL TIME will struggling Americans get for not buying OBAMACARE?”

  • Kevin B. says:

    Right. It’s much better to force me to pay for the health care of someone who refused to buy insurance.

  • James69sk82001 says:

    I read 5 years. 5 years of free health care, free food and free cable.

  • Blobby says:

    You pay a fine – not go to jail. Your mom really shouldn’t have dropped you on the head when you were a baby.

  • Old School ♥ ♦ MC ♣ ♠ says:

    will i get free health care in prison??

  • Chupate esa! says:

    You will not get jail if you can’t afford it, only if you decide not to pay for it…

  • Maxwell's Hammer says:

    6 months. On the positive side you get free health care in prison so it’s a win-win.

  • Ask A Jew says:

    You pay in your check just like SS or Taxes,

  • Paul Grass™ says:

    it depends on if they charge you with the misdemeanor or the felony , both are in the bill

  • Constipated CON. says:

    Nada, Zilch,Zip, None.

  • Allen West says:

    i don’t know how much time i’ll get.

  • ME says:

    I abhor the Gestapo feel of it all. “You SHALL do this or that, for the good of the STATE”

  • I just mowed the lawn says:

    You don’t get it do you?? Anyone who can’t easily afford it will be subsidized on the back of the current group of Americans that already pay 80% of the taxes in this country….the middle and upper-middle and upper class (aka successful tax paying Americans). They have to get the money from somewhere and since we are teh only people who are paying taxes it will fall on our shoulders as usual.

  • I will help you see says:

    It is this single item which is in the bill will in fact have the US Supreme Court toss the entire thing as unconstitutional. Regarding any “private sector industry”, the feds cannot go into agreement with, provide tax payer funds to, then require the people to join and that revenue is provided to the private sector, then fine or in anyway penalize those people who refuse to do so.

    That my friends does violate the U.S. Constitution and law firms are already lining up to file petitions to “the court”.

  • Obama W. Bush says:

    5 years

  • Steve M says:

    Why would I buy it when the government will give me 3 hots and a cot and FREE medical if I do not buy it.

    Who would have?

    So hows that hope and change going for ya??

  • Bert says:

    If you opt out and refuse pay the taxes…up to 5 years. It’s not written in the bill that you’ll get jail time if you don’t obtain insurance, but if you don’t pay the taxes, it’s an IRS issue and they will jail you and fine you.

    If you don’t make enough to pay for it, you won’t be forced, but exempt….leaving the same people without insurance that don’t have it now because they can’t afford it. Huge waste of resources.

  • Exist says:

    Read the Bill!

  • Anthony says:

    My neighbor next door who is deadbeat divorsed father who is behind his child support paymanets says that standard rate in our courthouse is 1 day per $25

  • Cowboy Bill says:

    Hey, free health care in prison….

  • R J says:

    I think up to five years, but you are missing the boat on this one. Unemployment will drop drastically as they will be building new jails and hiring guards. plenty of construction. Wonder if the bill has hidden like a trillion just for that. What a waste all this effort on this and not on the economy.

  • GuitarKen says:

    Jail does not provide healthcare. If you get sick in jail, and see the nurse, but later die because they didn’t provide you with the meds you needed to stay alive, you will be shit out of luck. Anyone who thinks jail is in any way a good place to be is misinformed. I’d say they’re an idiot, but since most people have never been in jail and only have their supposistions, I will just say they’re misinformed. I know this from personal experience because I spent a few weeks in jail – get this – for emailing my ex-wife and for dropping my 12 year old son in front of her house – I developed a condition that was 100% predictable, complained about it every single night, but because they took me to the “clinic”, I have no recourse – if I die from it I die, and I almost did. End of report. ANYONE who has been to jail knows better – it’s better to sleep under a bridge then to be in jail. As to “struggling Americans” spending time in jail for NOT paying for healthcare insurance – you’re misinformed as well – the only people who are to be penalized will not be lower-income – if you CAN afford to have insurance (which would be more affordable since big insurance companies’ profits will be capped and there will not be the incredible amount of fraud and intentional abuse (I have worked in healthcare for over 10 years), but choose NOT TO CARRY IT, thus making EVERYONE ELSE pay if they get sick, you will have to pay a fine, or more accurately, a tax. People have to have car insurance to drive, correct? Why should people who can afford reasonably priced health insurance (which is the goal) NOT have it, and force “the system”, which is the rest of us, to pay when they get sick? The system as it is right now is INCREDBILY broken. You have to start fixing it somewhere.

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