ignorance is bliss, but knowledge is power?

People - Published on Thursday, December 2nd, 2010 at 4:43 am

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  • nerdcore says:

    Power from knowledge could help change whatever makes you sad. In that way, knowledge can be bliss, just requires more work.

    Bliss through ignorance is only fitting for the heartless and the lazy, or those incapable of advanced comprehension.

  • Paul says:

    Your insight serves you well. Both statements are true. An ignorant person doesn’t see the negaive things thinkers see. They also aren’t encumbererd by the desire to reach for greater achievement in life. They are satisfied with thier lot in life. Knowledge is power, and power is resposibility. The way to overcome the negativity that knowledge of the deeper things in life and society as well as culture, is to understand the responsibility knowledge brings by using the inrtellcet thinking people possess to create ways to better society, and to right wrongs that are taking place in society. It’s true that thingking about all the ills and woes we face as a human can bring you down, but if you set goals in wich you as an individual, or you as a part of a group can really do good for all, you then have a great reward for your efforts when you reach thses goals. Some of these goals may take years, or decades to achieve, but having a positive attitude by the realization that you are using your knowledge and power in a resposible fashion.

  • Lasher says:

    I use to be much more ignorant than I am now. Now, I know that nothing is forever. No not even love. And that is what most people fail to accept. I have also accepted that there DOESNT HAVE to be a god and I have also accepted that the world does not revolve around me. These are all sad truths and at the same time it is also refreshing. The more knowledge I gain, the more humble I remain. And besides, happiness is like love. It comes and goes whenever it pleases. It is better to make peace with you already have. I am grateful that I could afford to eat everyday when a lot of people cant. I am grateful that I have all my body parts intact while other people are missing limbs. Over all, I am grateful for my health. Its the little things that really do matter in this world, as gay as it may sound.

  • Trinity S says:

    In this country, you gotta make the money first. When you get the money. You gotta get the power. After you got the power, only then you get the women.


  • Matthew says:

    The kind of person who would ask such a question, would be in possession of knowledge and could never comprehend the bliss of ignorance. Alas the kind of person who would answer this question would also be in possession of said knowledge; So you will only ever get the answer you already know.

    The best way to answer this question is for yourself. Try thinking from, or even better asking for the other side of this question. The perception of someone ignorant of the harsh reality’s of life.

    Its the closest you’ll get to an answer.

    Personally I find life to be much more peaceful than blissful, purely because most of it is spent questioning anything that gives me bliss. In the same respect I rarely find myself saddened for the same reason. So yes I do agree with Ernest Hemingway in saying “Happiness in intelligent people is the rarest thing I know” but sadness is also just as rare when you question everything above and beyond what is needed to get on with life.

    As for knowledge? I posses more than most i know. But no amount of knowledge is power without respect. Something I rarely if ever demand in life. Respect is power. One can be respected and ignorant. George Bush stands as the highest proof of such. But Knowledge and Respect? Now there is a combination. Lack of knowledge and respect, free from not only the harshness of reality but also the responsibilities? That would also be the hight of bliss.

    “Ignorance and Arrogance is Bliss, but Knowledge and Respect is Power.” – Matthew Young 13-05-2010

    Now that. That is more like it.

  • big george says:

    Seems like everybody is saying not being educated or aware of the worlds evil is bliss but I think it means more that you are unaware of the evils (if that is the right word) about what you do not know about what is or is not happening to you personally. You could love your husband or wife blissfully if you did not know they cheated on you. If you were unaware of all the things people do or say about you that is negative you are lucky. You can see how people break their neck trying to get to you to tell you your spouse is cheating on you because they know such information will make you miserable.Too, it don’t seem like the opposite of bliss is power. A lack of knowledge is bliss and having Knowledge is power!! Doesn’t make sense!!

  • Jeanne B says:

    Ignorance is NOT bliss! It just seems like it at times. There are indeed ugly, black-hearted people in this world. But not knowing about them is temporary. If we remain uninformed, we cannot protect ourselves or others from them. It’s not the knowledge that makes us unhappy, though it’s certainly easy to blame. What makes us unhappy is inaction to prevent or correct problems in our own lives and the lives of the community at large.

    If you volunteer some time on a regular basis for the homeless, children’s health issues, Habitat for Humanity, or any other issue that inspires you, you will find that within a year you will feel significantly happier. Keep a journal about your experience for the next year, too. That will truly confirm the change within yourself.

    Knowledge is not major power, but it is power to work for an issue toward resolution. It gives you the tools to change your own life, and the lives of others -and that is powerful. Try it and let me know what happens.

  • hardcore liberal says:

    I never understood how ignorance could be bliss,
    but knowledge if you use it is indeed power,
    i read the news everyday and i am very happy,
    happiness is a choice

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