Why do some people always have to say…?

People - Published on Thursday, October 14th, 2010 at 5:45 am

by Maldita Mona

Question by Maxwell: Why do some people always have to say…?
“White people always act like that” or “Black people always do this” or “Gay people are all like that”, etc. Why do people have to constantly take everyone in a group, judge them by one personal trait, and stereotype them? Why can’t some people just realize that everyone is an individual and that judging a group of people with ONE similarity and making one conclusion about all of them is always wrong, always ignorant, and is just incorrect? And the sad thing is that some adults do that in front of their kids, and keep the stupid cycle going on. Also some of my friends and people I know who I expect to be intelligent people do that all the time. I know someone is going to say, “oh its natural to stereotype and judge people”, well just because it’s natural, shouldn’t people be able to realize that stereotyping is always incorrect. For example if someone said “All tall people are dumb”, I’m sure that that can be proved wrong. Any stereotype can be proved wrong or incorrect, so why do people continue to do it, and believe that they’re correct?

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Answer by monmichka
People continue to do it because it’s easier to say a all white people are like this instead of 30% of white people are like this. It’s an exaggeration, that’s all. But, it is wrong to say because it definitely gives the wrong impression.

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  • loni b says:

    because some people don’t know better and they are ignorant. I think people like that should look in the mirror and see what they have to fix about themselves before they go judge people

  • Ashley M says:

    we live in a ignorant society, people are uneducated and unwilling to learn. Wat u can do to change this is learn a lot and overcome stereotyping with the power of knowledge. That will spread and hopefuly times will change

  • Atrillius says:

    The answer is we don’t know, we need to ask each person who does do it to get the answer. We should not assume or judge why they do this.

    Those who judge are judging only themselves, this is what you must remember.

  • Barney says:

    A lot of people are just followers and no doers. Some people hear the kind of crap you mentioned and instead of searching within themselves, look for the relationship tied to their own experience and lives. The trash Hollywood puts out doesn’t help matters at all. Watch the 1991 movie ‘Jungle Fever’. As long as Hollywood contributes to producing this kind of crap and people go to see it, pay for it and perpetuate the stereotypes it will never completely go away. It begins with each individual and it has to end beginning with individual responsibility and mutual respect for ourselves and others.

  • People Talk Shit Because, They Think There So Much Better Than Another Person Or Thier Just Hateing Of What We Have That They Don’t Have But…

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