If Obama gets elected president shouldn’t White people…?

Politics - Published on Friday, May 7th, 2010 at 10:09 pm

stop being discriminated against by affirmative action & diversity programs? And shouldn’t White Americans stop feeling guilty for the past? Society shouldn’t legitimize racism against any ethnic group. But most Americans think it’s acceptable to be prejudiced against Whites because they’re the majority racial group in America, or because Whites hold most of the power in American society. You can talk shit on White people for being white, you can do it to their face. It really makes me angry. What about White people that work at Wal-Mart or in factories? What about white people who are just poor? What about white people who don’t have any power in society? They’re everywhere. What’s going to happen when America elects it’s first black president, & when White poeple become less then half of the US population in 35 years, then what?

4 Comments to “If Obama gets elected president shouldn’t White people…?”

  • honeybeejim says:

    Relax he wont be elected he may receive 35% of the vote if lucky

  • mzb says:

    Obama is your best bet! You talk about you hate racism talk, but thats all you are worried about. all i hear is “if a black person is president what happens to the whites” think about it, we’ve had a white president all these times and look how messed up our country is now?! Obama is a good man and I back him up. I wouldnt vote, because your vote doesnt matter, nobody cares what the people think, only that of the electoral college vote matter. The only reason we register to vote is to be subdued to jury duty!

  • book b says:

    white people are already discriminated against…everyone should just be equal.

  • secrethaven45 says:

    I hope that people will think of themselves as Americans. This country will do better if we all want to be Americans .

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