Why are people so afraid of “Socialism”?

Politics - Published on Thursday, February 3rd, 2011 at 11:14 pm

Question by Unsilenced: Why are people so afraid of “Socialism”?
When I first heard republican zombies groaning “soooocciaaaliiistt…. sooooooocciaaaalliiistttt!!!” I immediately started defending Obama’s views as “Utilitarian” which they actually are.

But the real question is, is “socialism” so bad?

Really, what are people afraid of? A world where people DON’T drop dead in the streets because they can’t afford health insurance? OH NO! HEAVEN FORBID THERE WOULDN’T HOMELESS PEOPLE?? WHAT WOULD WE DO IF THERE WERE NO HOMELESS PEOPLE??

Frankly, I’m much more scared about complete lessez-faire capitalism than I am about socialism.
While all of you make excellent arguments against COMMUNISIM,

I have yet to hear anything that pertains to SOCIALISIM.

Socialism is still democratic, preserves private enterprise, and does not revoke any “freedoms”

It just levels the playing field a little bit. And as for “free” health care, yes, I know it wouldn’t be free. But it would still be less expensive, because there wouldn’t need to be profit involved.

Oh, and someone said that they would want the decisions about what care is affordable to be made by them and their doctors. No dice, that’s the privately-owned insurance companies call. If they don’t think you have cancer, you’re gunna have to suck it up.
Oh, and I, personally am not a socialist. I am a utilitarian, which I recommend you Google because people seem to not remember what the fuck that is.

I just want to know what the big deal about it is.

Best answer:

Answer by Jesus ♥’s you.
Im liberal and pure socialism never works and too much government control would just be awful. Why would you want the government wiping your butt all the time?

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24 Comments to “Why are people so afraid of “Socialism”?”

  • Nascarky89 says:

    It lacks a think called FREEDOM

  • James Bong, You Ding Dong says:

    good god!

    it’s dumb@$ $ like you are that is an expensive liability to this country…

    Socialism requires a more intrusive government…it puts more limits to individual freedom. Thank about it….for Socialism to work…it must be enforced tremendously by the government….IT IS ELITISM. IT IS THE GOVERNMENT KNOWS BEST….

    Capitalism is not about how a government is run…Capitalism is about letting people of the reigns so they can thrive to be the best they can be without the government taking something away from you and giving it to someone else who doesn’t have the WILL to pursuit a happy life…

    Liberals are the only people who expect perfection out of a system…that is why they gravitate towards socialism…because it looks great on paper…but when a socialist becomes a leader he starts trying to be more of a dictator…to enforce HIS VIEW OF THE WORLD…

    did it ever occur to you why colleges have so many liberal professors…..cause they dream of stup!d sh!t…and college is the only place they can dream of stup!d sh!t cause in reality it doesn’t work…

    college is safe for these idiots!!!

  • brutal says:

    Must be with socialism they will supply your crack for you

  • jeremiah says:

    People need an enemy figure.
    They always have — they always will.

    The fact of the matter is simple;
    We need Socialism.

    How else are you going to have roads? Bridges?
    Schools to send your kids to? People to pick up your trash?

    And, if they like it or not —
    They like Socialism, too.
    They just limit it to the military.

  • hardwoodrods says:

    Your kind of all over the map here aren’t you? Health care to homelessness…… It’s not that people are “afraid” of socialism, it’s that we live in a capitalist, constitutional republic. We believe that each person is responsible for themselves and capable of fending for themselves if they so choose. Simple want a house? Get a job. Want to be homeless, live in a box. And with scoalized medicine you are much more likely to drop dead in the street. You do realize, taking the wonderful english medical model as an example, that you can wait 27 months for an MRI? Sounds good don’t it.

  • Beth L says:

    Wow, everything you are saying is a myth. It’s not reality. There are poor people in Europe. People have to wait in line for health care over there. They are probably dying while waiting.

  • Geraldine II says:

    The first answer is right, pure socialism never works, neither does pure capitalism or whatever and socialism basically equals no freedom, the government would do everything for you.

  • Belf says:

    Many Americans are afraid of socialism because throughout the past, it has been closley linked to communism, which for 50 years was enemy number one in America. Although the United States does have socialistic programs, such as Social Security and Medicare, socialism is still linked to communism which since it’s conception has been seen as evil by Americans.

    There are 4 stages of communism, the third stage is an economic state of socialism.

  • vwvw20 says:

    The dangers of Socialism cannot be answered in the space allowed here but as a start how about taking a look at other countries of the past who have tried and failed to become Socialism. They generally end up with anarchy and bloodshed at best or genocide at worst.

  • Buzz Kill says:

    Cause it doesn’t work but its irrelevant and dead anyway.

  • Soviet Wanker says:

    The Soviet Union only collapsed about 20 years ago…cut them some slack. The “Red Scare” is still around…

    Holy cow has it been that long already?

  • Õfficial Census Fakeя says:

    You must not have a really good concept of it then. You are still hanging on to partisan hack phrases such as “Republicans hate the poor”. The fact that you pointed to that first thing tells me you will defend your party and Obama over your own well being. Have fun. The realization is going to be like a brick for you.

  • Abby Normal says:

    i don’t have health insurance… i’ve never dropped dead in the street.
    stop being retarded – you know how socialism is… did your parents not love you? are you looking for validation by “standing” for something? get a frichen clue.

  • Fozz says:

    Because socialism wastes so many resources and the government runs people’s lives! And the right to own property is compromised.

    Laissez-faire capitalism is what made America the world’s greatest country. Being more scared of that than socialism is foolish.

    And the way you presented yourself is foolish and stupid.

  • Unka Dano says:

    The greatness of this nation was built on socialist principles. NASA is an excellent example.

  • adjacent says:

    I agree with you one-hundred percent..but there are people in this world who actually believe that they can take trillions to the grave…they don’t feel the need to help their fellow man, but claim up and down to be christian…all faiths practice giving and helping and to be like Jesus…not saying you don’t have the right to make more than a decent living..jus saying you should give those blessing back..you never know what the future holds the streets are filled with homeless people who use to be rich..

  • Eartha W says:

    Well I understand why the wealthy and powerful are against it. I mean they will lose their ill gotten booty and their slave labour. So that is kind of self evident.

    What beats the hell out of me is why so many people living in trailer parks, working for the minimum wage and seeing their kids teeth rot from their heads due to lack of decent food and the inability to afford dental care…why are THEY so virulent in their opposition to it?

    Years of govt propaganda campaigns and the paralysing fear which debveloped from that during the cold war are the only answers I can come up with.

    Oh…that and the sh*tty US education system. LOL!!

  • Cole says:

    People in American and other nations like America are afraid of socialism because it contradicts our current policy of laissez-faire. With socialism, the government would control all basic aspects of life. With this, we wouldn’t have any free enterprises.
    American is known for being a ‘rags to riches’ nation where people are ‘rugged individuals.’ If we have socialism, it would be harder for individual businesses to prosper and stuff like that.
    When you think about, America was basically socialist during the world wars. Back then, the government took control of many industries.

  • ouchababy1 says:

    You are a fool.

  • Joseph L says:

    What makes you so sure there wouldn’t be any homeless people?
    If you want to give up your freedom for free health care, (that means free to you but someone else pays for it in taxes), then go ahead.
    When you get the “free” health care, remember the government gets to decide what health care you deserve or is affordable.
    I prefer my doctor and I make those life and death decisions.

  • Poke_the_Bear says:

    We believe in freedom. Now they drop dead because they had to wait in line for their health care. Listen, it is not anybody else’s responsibility to pay for someone else’s heath care. And it definitely is not a responsibility of the government to steal money (through coercion) from someone to give it to someone else.

  • Hepcat says:

    Anyone with any sense of history and economics knows that Socialism is a failed policy which destroys the work incentive created by Capitalism.
    Socialism would strip Americans of our consttitutional rights and individual freedoms wherby the state would dictate what the individual should do + when the individual should do it + how much the individual should do it.
    Socialism is a great idea…..until you run out of other people’s money.

  • Socialist says:

    We need socialism. It may limit freedom, but honestly, most people in this country can’t handle the freedom they have. People crave structure and want to be told what to do and how to do it. It is much easier than making their own decision. It is true that pure socialism just doesn’t work. That doesn’t mean a mix of socialism, capitalism and whatever else you feel the need to through it can’t work.

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