Why do some people just really HATE Obama?

Politics - Published on Wednesday, June 2nd, 2010 at 10:08 pm

1. I know he’s not a socialist, but how can I prove it to some dumb people in my school who still think he is and will only bring our country down?

2. What are some easy valid points of how he was better than Mccain? I mean I personally know he is, but I’d want something to really back it up with so I can own people lol.

3. how come some kids and people think that just cause hes part black he cant run the country? and like mccain graduated at the bottom of his class while obama excelled at school, why would that be a bad thing for obama? why do some kids have such hate in the first place, and then also say they arent racist when sometimes it seems they are, or they are just being ignorant cause they really dont know 2 shits about what they are talking about?

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  • ward311 says:

    We don’t HATE him.

    We just see him for what he really is.

    While others choose to see and hear only what they want to.

    And, the fact that electing this man to the most powerful office on the planet, is like putting a High School punter as the Starting QB in the Super Bowl.

  • brian2412 says:

    He’s a socialist

    His supporters are a bunch of truly hateful people.

  • Emily C says:

    They hate him because he is black and doesn’t hate gay people

  • Andrew P says:

    Obama has terrorist connections..enough said.

  • chanice_p says:

    Sweety there is nothing you can do or say to change the hearts of some close-minded and racists individuals. Alot of people think that because he’s black he can’t run the country and they don’t even want to see him try. They are thinking “How dare this Black Man think he can be my President”?

    It really just shows the ignorance of many people and that despite the fact that we reside in this great nation, some of us still have the mindset of the 18th century. It’s disgusting really. Some of these people are So Called Christians. But in the bible it says we are all created equal. I wonder what GOD they are serving. Hope this helps.

    Please excuse any typos or errors.

  • BillyTheKid says:

    I don’t hate the man. I hope he has a happy life.

    I hate his ideas and lies. I hate he had 143 days and 129 “present” votes to his credit when he announced his candidacy. I hate that people were so set on having the first “black” president they ignored these things.

    The stock market is down 10% since he won. Where is the HOPE and CHANGE?

    If race truly didn’t matter, why is anyone crapping that we have a “black” president”? He’s just another man.

    I wish him safety and hope he keeps his seemingly impossible promises.

  • Tommy B says:

    It’s not personal: I hate all socialists who preach conformity and sacrifice who have terrorist friends and racist mentors. I understand that half of this country disagrees with the other half, therefore compromise is prudent and necessary. Osama does not. He seeks to compel my compliance through pressure of criminal law and I find that odious and deplorable.

  • duvvbrand says:

    First you have to grow up and stop pretending like McCain was the only other person people were supporting (he wasn’t).

    Obama is not the golden child. What must one say to get that across to the naive idealist who think you can just “start over” and change things without paying for past mistakes. WE’RE 10 TRILLION DOLLARS IN DEBT.

    It has nothing to do with the fact that he’s HALF black. Stop assuming everyone that doesn’t support Obama is some kinda racist crazy person.

  • hmv_84 says:

    I don’t know why everybody assumes that if we don’t support Obama it’s because we are ignorant racist republicans. People forget that have been many great black Republicans in high positions for years. Just look at Condoliza Rice. The reason some of us don’t like him is simply because we don’t agree with all of his policies. That’s how politics go. Not everybody is going to support him. That’s why you have different political parties.

  • supercharged96stang says:

    hes an idiot.
    “im only going to raise taxes on the rich”-how will the rich react to this? they will start hiring less people so they can save money. this results in the next great depression. also, hes lying, he is going to raise taxes on everyone no matter what he says.
    his national health plan…where do you think this money is going to come from? thats right…taxes on everyone.
    “im going to pull the troops out of iraq”-we are not done in iraq. if we pull out now, we will have to start from scratch in a couple years. that means the 5000+ lives lost so far will be lost for no cause.
    hes going to cut back on military spending which is stupid in a time where the u.s. is at risk for war with so many other countries. and he is not going to get you lower gas prices. also, he went to a church that preached against AMERICA…for 20 years. is that the kind of person we want ruling…AMERICA? no we hate him cuz he hates america, he only cares about his wallet.

  • Amade says:

    I’m confused. You’re talking about people being ignorant and yet you can’t come up with one easy valid point for why Obama was better than Mccain?

  • rocky_hollingsworth says:

    1. If it quacks like a duck and looks like a duck than it is probably a duck. The ideologies that Obama shamelessly, yet eloquently presented in his campaign are socialistic. The scary thing to me is that I believe he and SOME of his supporters actually believe these socialistic ideas are progressive and necessary. This is probably a result of his liberal education and admitted preference for hanging out with Marxist professors.
    2. If you personally know he is better than you should be able to come up with ample points on your own. You are entitled to determine your choice by your own methods, but I encourage you to do some research on both sides and discern which candidate actually does represent you the best. I would discourage making that decision based on what I or anyone else says.
    3. People who hate based on stereotypes and skin color are simply ignorant or bitter, but supporting someone without cause is also ignorant. Please remember that being ignorant simply means you are uninformed. As for why kids act the way they do, I think they are simply reflecting the views of their parents or other role models in their lives. As a white man I admit that I have seen and heard many racist people from my own race, but I have determined on my own to judge each person based on their words and actions and not their color or other stereotypes. Be careful not to assume that someone is ignorant just because they don’t agree with you. We all have our right to our opinion and in behooves us to respect that right or have it taken away.

    I chose to vote for McCain as a lesser of two evils if you will. Obama’s associations with questionable characters and his ideologies concern me. However, he will be our next president and I will not cheer against my own country in some feeble attempt to see my candidates prevail in the next election. I pray that my views will be articulated by an honorable candidate and win favor based on their merit and not the novelty of the messenger.

  • Theresa says:

    I now understand how my sister felt about Bush, because I truly despise Obama, just despise him.

    If after watching this petulant child make comments such as “I can’t suck the oil up with a straw” you can still support him, well, you are the biased one, not me.

    ANYONE would have done a better job at managing this crisis. Weeding our large hedge with one of my son’s 14 year old friends, a very bright responsible kid, I said “Eric if I could blink my eyes right now and make you President, I would”. And I mean that.

    This man did NOTHING to help with this crisis. Did you know in Lousiana, where Jindal wanted to build sand barrier islands, the Army Corps of Engineers delayed the building of those islands so they could have 60 days to study the environment impact of buliding sand barriers ? By the way, the oil was scheduled to hit the shore in 30 days ! Did Obama get involved in making sure the federal govt didn’t get in the way ? No, the man doesn’t know the first thing about managing ANYTHING.

    This man knows how to do NOTHING but point fingers ! What an idiot ! You don’t gather all the oil companies together to berate them, you ask for their help ! And calling for a moratorium on all drilling so all our rigs can get leased to Venezula or China, what a from the gut emotional response grounded in no logic whatsover !

    God help us if we get attacked again with this idiot in charge.

    It has NOTHING to do with the color of his skin. I would have been fine with Condolezza Rice as president.

  • zap says:

    He is a liar. He did nothing but lie his way into office. Has totally and financially destroyed this country, for those that voted for him and have kids….now that is funny as hell. I am at the age where I could give a shit less. So when your kids cannot move out of your house….you can thank youself first and the loser so called president you elected.

  • Think says:

    I don’t know why people assure that Obama is a Socialist. He is the guy that is requiring that people buy affordable health insurance and making sure that thre is affordable health insurance. Who do you think underwrites the insurance policies? It is not the government you dumb assess. Do you really blame Obama for the deficit? You all sound like thhe Tea Baggers that want”Fiscal Responsibility”. where the hell where they (you) during King George Bush’s reign? Good ol’ W spending like there is no tomorrow.

    Do you really think poor people should subsidize the rich when it comes to taxes? I guess you want America back the way it use to be, when it was good for the White guy. News Flash! It was not good for Blacks, Women, Hispanics, or any minority. So you guys want to go backwards… Oh I see.

  • admin says:

    I don’t know why people assure that Obama is a Socialist.
    Because his policies lean that way.
    He is the guy that is requiring that people buy affordable health insurance and making sure that thre is affordable health insurance.
    Have you looked at that bill??? Do you realize that if you make $30000 a year and have 4 kids and can’t afford insurance, that you now HAVE to buy insurance or pay a $4500 ($750×6) fine.. Where does this man think people are going to come up with that??

    Who do you think underwrites the insurance policies?
    Insurance companies of course.. And what do you think they do when they are covering more people and those people are more sick and the insurance companies have to pay out more?? They raise everyone’s rates smart one..

    It is not the government you dumb assess.
    Then why do they think they have to get involved??

    Do you really blame Obama for the deficit?
    Absolutely not completely.. It was the Congress and Seante that passed legislation to allow everyone and their brother to get a home load with no money down.. That started the real estate drop and compounded it. That killed the economy – it really was that simple.. The president has very little power except for the veo and the bully pulpit..

    You all sound like thhe Tea Baggers that want”Fiscal Responsibility”.
    Does it make you feel good to call fiscally responsible people ‘tea baggers’.. does that feel better than ‘idiots’ or ‘assholes’?? just wondering..

    where the hell where they (you) during King George Bush’s reign? Good ol’ W spending like there is no tomorrow.
    again do you know how government works??? the president can only sign or veto bills – it’s the congress and senate that make these messes..

    Do you really think poor people should subsidize the rich when it comes to taxes?
    subsidize?? so they risk all and make money and it’s not even fair that we have a flat tax for EVERYONE – you now want to penalize them more?? what do you think they will do?? they will put their money offshore or more?? and then who will pay your welfare??

    I guess you want America back the way it use to be, when it was good for the White guy.
    Why do you have to racist here???

    News Flash! It was not good for Blacks, Women, Hispanics, or any minority.
    again why are you being racist.. what does a person’s looks or color matter?? you sound like a downright full blown racist..

    So you guys want to go backwards… Oh I see.
    yes please to when america was moral thriving – just 20 years ago..

  • the real truth says:

    Yes America was thriving 20 years ago and it was doing so under a democratic president with much higher taxes than we see today. Yes Obama wants to increase taxes on the people making over 1 million dollars per year, 60 years ago, those people paid an obscene % of their taxes and they didn’t complain about it. They were real Americans. Would you consider the cast of Jersey shore to be job creators? How about pro athletes or rap mogels? The main determining factor for a company to hire (within the US) is demand for services or product, NOT TAXES. I know that this statement is a blow to the die hard supply side guys but taxes play little/no role in the hiring of employees.

    They hate Obama for a few reasons and this is the real truth.
    1. He is not from the American monarchy.
    You see, since this countries inception, there have been elite families that have ruled the political landscape. The Rothchilds, Kennedys, and Bushs to name a few. These families only breed within each other. The take turns in political office and they control more than you could ever know. The fact the Obama is not one of them really pisses them off. He he truly a populist president who came to prominence on his own merit. He used to be on food stamps and for these ELITISTS, that is an embarassment.
    2. He doesn’t get rattled when they fuck with him.
    Obama has gotten better and more effective the longer he has been in office. He is learning the INs and OUTs and has really started making some headway on his vision for this country. The republican- DO NOTHING congress has tried their best (200plus fillibusters) to stop everything our president tries to do. They are losing.
    3. He is black. I hate to say it, but there are so many ignorant fucks still walking around its pathetic. When they call him a Kenyan Socialist, they are really calling him an uppity ni**er. They can’t stand the fact that a “darkie” made it to the top without kissing their rings first. Pathetic.

  • Ellen Marmon says:

    Okay, I am seeing reasons not to like a person, even the (wrong) “facts” that the stock market is down (have you actually looked??), that the President is a socialist (he is moderate, leans too far to the right for much of his base) … and other lies. The whole Birther thing. The religion thing. His so-called leftist ideology. All that. None of those really explain the virulent hate I see from some people. So … here in 21st-century Amnerica, all I can say is, it really must be down to race; I can’t see any other reason, and it makes me very sad for my country.
    PS I like what the real truth said in their post; spot on, IMHO

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