Your Going Down Like….?

Sports - Published on Sunday, February 7th, 2010 at 1:44 am

you know the saying.. like white on rice?? what are some about saying to someone you’re gonna lose like..or going down like..hmm im trying to talk **** about beating someone in a sport…help!

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  • I ♥ My Doberman says:

    you could sayy ..
    you ‘re going down like china town !
    haha orr
    you ‘re going down like elvis .
    bahah or ,
    you ‘re going down like yung joc .
    that is unfortunately the best i’ve got lol .

  • Kaity ! says:

    your goin down like a hoes nickers

  • Usama says:

    I sometimes say…you’re going down like an one egg pudding.

  • croyo198 says:

    your going down like oh oh oh…by t-pain and yung joc

  • no nickname says:

    actually the saying is stick on you like white on rice (as in marking an opponent in basketball or soccer)
    i have no idea what the saying you’re thinking of is

  • Troy Dunn says:

    AND THE WINNER IS: You’re goin’ down like Paris Hilton in the New York Knicks locker room.

  • Jdawg says:

    Like a catholic preist on a chior boy, like your mom at my house last night etc.

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